Crazy is as Crazy…?

I wonderjust how Crazy You have to be for people to actually care- cause if you quiet And not loud about it the internal storm that occurs daily cause if you smart And not dumb have degrees and such I guess that makes You exempt from being or Supposed to be feeling kind of way […]

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I know It’s been a whirlpool Of Life when no words get written down too much in MyHead so many waves to ride Some Rougher than others Some looked so high I felt their watery weight crashing around Me I know It’s beenHeavy at times the water’s buoyancy lost feels like Imay sink this time […]

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Everything has been here before

Popular culture will have You believe Dear -SHEEP- that what is happening Is New like what is taking Place -ALWAYS- has Novel Significance It often feels like living in the Twillight Zone -FOLLOW- for Follow -LIKE- for Like People have Gotten Married Had Babies Etc etc. -BLIND- -AMBITION- has You brainwashed into obedient slaves Plantations […]

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I feel…. So Many Ancestors dance and wail farm and feed hunt and gather It may take my Lifetime to Praise All Properly Wonder at Resiliencies be Awestruck by Foundations laid and Villages structured Tribes prospered built by hearts and hands and Love enduring over Every Struggle rejoicing over Basic Needs met and Gifts of […]

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